Thursday, October 25, 2007

I've Been Paroled

I've been let off with time for good behavior. Tonight was pizza night. I like pizza, I was able to mooch some off of the parole board (Mom), yum meatballs with garlic. Whew.... you should smell my breath.

Here I am playing with my Moo Cow. I have another one that I unstuffed that I call Cow Hide.

After dinner I cuddled up with Mom and a bone and watched some TV.

They cannot resist my wirey ways.

Love to all,



Maggie & Mitch said...

Whoa! I'd say you did pretty good for yourself, Luna! Pizza is my favorite too and that's dinner at our house tonigh! yahooooooooo

Love ya lots,

Jackson said...

Hehehe, so you weren't in jail for long at all! Pizza is one of my favourites too! J x

Asta said...

Hurrahhh! I'm glad the pawole boawd listened to youw sweet self!
I've been so westless with the wain and a sick Mommi and no time a t the wun, that I destuffed two whole stuffies tonight.
Pizza suwe sounds gweat!
sweet dweams
smoochie kisses

William Tell said...

Glad you're out for good behavior, Luna!

William Tell