Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Well this morning I woke up and got Mom and Dad up so I could go see what Santa Paws brought me. I was told that I had to wait for family to arrive before I could open my presents.... R-R-R-R.

Mom was busy in the kitchen cooking and baking. Dad took me out for a walk and when I returned Mom let me have a little treat.

It was a yummy creme-de-menthe filling for Mom's pie.

I patiently waited by the front door for our quests to arrive so I could go open my presents.

When the family arrived I had to wait even longer because breakfast came first. This is not fair. Mom gave me some yummy bacon after breakfast so that made up the wait.

We all finally retired to the livingroom to open presents. Nope now I gotta pose for pictures, for the love of reindeer!!! This is my cousin Cassie with me in my Christmas PJ's.

Santa brought me a burrow ball, this looks comfy.

Hmmm whats in my stocking???

Cool more pull toys!!!

I dug all kinds of goodies out of my stocking including this yummy bone. Chris was trying to help me un-wrap it but I got that department covered.

After company left I sat on Mom's lap with my new bone and watched two dog shows on TV. The evil judges did not pick the Wires for the Terrier group, thats just wrong.

After an exhausting day I was pooped and decided to test out my new bed. By the way, that frayed piece of carpeting is an indiscretion from my puppy days.

I hope everyone had a great day and got lots of presents.



Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting Ready For Christmas

Hello All,

I am a little behind these days with all the shopping and snooping through all the packages. The other day Dad was moving the furniture in the living room and bringing down boxes from a hole in the ceiling. He was taking tree branch's out of the box.

What in the world is going on here? The whole living room was turned upside down.

Mom and I decided to pitch in and take stuff out of the boxes.

Mom look what I found! This would look beautiful on the tree.

After a couple of hours of decorating the house, Mom decided it was time for a snack break. Mom put out some delicious snack foods and I was not allowed to have any. Mom has put me on a diet because she thinks I'm a boom-ba-la-dee (aka fatty). No human food for me until I regain my girlish figure.

I just finished composing my e-mail to Santa Paws...

Dear Santa Paws,

This Christmas I have a couple of requests.

  1. Please find nice homes for all the rescued wires out there that are up for adoption.
  2. Good health and good fortune for my Mom & Dad and to my family and all my new blog friends.
  3. A destination for my sister Melissa and Chris's destination wedding (even though I'm not invited).
  4. My Mom & Dad spoil me plenty, so give plenty of extra treats, Bully Sticks, & toys to less fortunate wirey doggies.
  5. An end to the diet Mom has put me on. I am not fat, I'm pleasently scruffy.
  6. A fuel tank installed in my sailboat by spring time.
  7. Our troops to come home to their families.
  8. Continued good search rankings for my blog on Google.
  9. My own computer so I can keep in touch with my blog friends.
  10. And last but not least a White Christmas.

I want to wish all of my bloggy friends a very Merry Christmas. Hope Santa Paws leaves you lots of goodies!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Please Sign The Petition

There is an evil animal called Marc-Andre Laporte who ran a horrible puppy mill in Montreal. The SPCA raided his house of horrors and seized 97 Fox Terriers living in horrible conditions. Almost 40 of these abused Foxies had to be euthanized. Click here for the full story.

The surviving dogs were cared for by the SPCA and later, with the help of devoted fox terrier lovers, found wonderful foster homes where they have been living for the past 2 years, unable to be adopted until the case is finalized. Laporte is only facing six months of jail time and up to $4,000 in fines. I find that disgusting - he should be locked in a cage forever or put to sleep - he murdered 40 dogs and abused 57 others!!

But it gets worse friends. On Feb. 22, 2008 he will be sentenced. And at the same hearing, the judge is to decide if Laporte is to get any of his fox terriers back!


So friend, today we are launching a two-fold campaign to prevent Laporte from getting his dog/s back. We know we can count on you to take action and spread the word:

1: Please go to the online petition. Once all the signatures are entered, we will print it out and hand it over to our friend in Montreal who has been instrumental is saving and caring for the Blainville wires, for distribution to the media (unfortunately it is illegal in Canada to hand petitions to the court).

2: Please take a few minutes to write a letter to Judge Jean Sirois imploring him to prevent Laporte from ever taking possession of his former fox terriers or of owning any dog again. If you can, include a photo of yourself and your foxie/dog. All the letters received will be put in a file and also handed to the media.

Letters should be mailed to:
Elizabeth Pierce
119 16th Street
Roxboro, Qu├ębec
H8Y 1P1

Please disseminate this information on your blogs, to your fellow dog owners and friends. Thank you for your support in this important matter.

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog"

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Late Night Surprise Visitor

Last Friday night around midnight I was fast asleep dreaming of treaties and Bully Sticks. I was suddenly awoken by the sound of keys in the door. I ran down to greet Mom and Dad only to find it was my Aunt Stacey. She came over to let me out. After walking me she gathered up some of my stuff including my bed and drove me to her house.

I immediately ran around looking for my cousin Athena. She was a sleepy dog and did not want to play "sniff the butt". I ran around Aunt Stacey's house at 1AM and absolutely terrieriozed her house. I ran in cousin Nicholas's room jumped up on his bed and woke him up. Aunt Stacey turned off the lights and said it's bed time. NOT!!! I can't understand why Aunt Stacey would not let me sleep on her bed. I ran down stairs and rang my poochie bells. Aunt Stacey came down and got me, I voiced my terrier displeasure. I don't remember what time it was but I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning Dad showed up to pick me up. It seems Mom had to have something called an appendix removed. I don't know what this is but it made Mom very sick and the doctor had to take it out. Well Tuesday afternoon I heard the keys in the door and it was Mom and Dad. Mom can't pick me up for a couple of weeks so Dad held me so I could give Mom some Luna licks.

Mom is going to be home recouping for a couple of weeks so I have a regimen of physical therapy all planned out.
  • Daily back scratching and tummy rubs so Moms hands won't get numb.
  • Walks around the neighborhood so her legs won't get stiff and to build up her stamina.
  • Vigoris sessions of tug of war to build up her arm muscles.
Dad says I need to get Mom back in shape soon because he has to push that evil machine around on the carpet, do the wash, take Mom food shopping. I will keep you posted on Mom's recovery.