Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Day

Last Sunday was Halloween. The tweets were weady.

The house was weedy to scare the human pups.

I patiently waited for the human pups to show up for their tweets.

And I waited...
And waited...
And waited...
And waited some more...

I finally had to take a load off.

After all that waiting only 4 human pups showed up. Mommy and Daddy have been eating the left over tweets and I got nothing for my twoubles. I am feeling under appreciated.

Till next time...

Luna Licks,


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Parade 2010

Last year I marched in the annual Halloween Doggy parade put together by Fetch, my favorite pet store. Last year Mommy dressed me up as a beautiful fairly princess. Butchy and Angel Snickers Mommy made the costume for me.

I took second prize and received a basket of cheer with all kinds of treats and toys.

The bar was now set for this year. Mom was determined to get first place. Preparations were underway. There were costume fittings...

And then there was grooming...

Grooming sucks...

Saturday was the big day. We arrived early to checkout the festivities.

Mommy and I had matching pirate costumes, complete with parrots.

While walking through Port Jefferson village I met some new friends.

I received many compliments on my new costume.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into my best friend Winston. He was a bagpipe player.

It was time to march, there were hundreds of doggies participating.

When the parade was over Mommy and I got to pose for a picture with the mayor.

Cablevision News interviewed Mommy. I hope she told them to turn on Fox 5 so Daddy can watch the playoffs... HeHeHe...

Then they wanted my opinion but I was too shy.

My human sissy Melissa came to see the festivities with baby Lilly.

Well the parade judges rendered their decision. I took third place. The prize was a gift certificate to Fetch and a doggy basket of cheer. There were all kinds of treats, chewy things, and some stuffies.

I don't know what Mom has planned for me next year. Competition is tough.

Happy Halloween and Luna Licks,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long Cruise 2010

Please don't fall off your favorite piece of human furniture. Yes it is I with a new post.

We returned from our Long Cruise for the summer. Over the course of 10 days we visited the following exotic ports of call.

  • Hamburg Cove, CT
  • Stonington, CT
  • Block Island, RI
  • Mystic, CT
  • Clinton, CT

Here I am with Mom keeping cool in Hamburg Cove.

I spent most of my time underway sleeping, usually in someones lap if one was available.

Oh good, land is near, I need to empty...

I've developed a new habit this summer. I don't like to go on my green pad so Dad has to take me to shore on the dinghy and my favorite thing is going for rides in the dink.

I got to go running every morning with Mom and the girls on Block Island. I got to do lot's of shopping and sight seeing as well.

This weekend we are off to Milford, CT with my human sissy Melissa and baby Lillian.

Take care for now.

Luna Licks from the Lunatic.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wirey Family News (Some Sad, Some Good)

Hello to my furry kid friends.

Well I've received some sad news and good news from Florida where I came from. First the sad news. On Tuesday my wirey Grandma Maddie past over the rainbow bridge. She looked after us pups until we found our forever homes.

Above is a picture my breeder Mom Lynn sent me.

Here is a picture of her checking Mom out to make sure I would be in good hands. Farewell my sweet Grandma. I hope you are running free with the other furry kids in heaven

Kilwinning Spicy Madeline (Maddie)
04/18/1998 - 03/23/2010

For the happy news I received an e-mail from my sister Haley. She sent me some photos of her new doo.

Haley was a show dog for a while but has since retired and is now a contented family dog, princess, protector of her domain, and chief treaty sampler. She is very happy in her new home.

Mom left for Florida today to go visit Grandma GG, so I will be spending the next couple of days bonding with Dad. I have to go wake him from his nap on the sofa so he can walk me for the night.

Bark at you soon...

Luna Licks,


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm 4 Years Old Today

Well it was 4 years ago today that the stalk brought me and my sisters to my wirey Mom Stella in Florida.

This is after Mom picked me up from my breeder lady Lynn. I was at Grandma GG's chewing on a new bone.

Here I am after my first grooming. I was only a couple of months old.

Here I am today playing with one of my favorite stuffies.

A little rounder and a little wiser. The wisdom has to go somewhere.

Sorry it's been so long. I miss you all.

With Wagging Tail...