Monday, June 16, 2008

My Nephew Winslow

My sister Popsicle had a litter of puppies. Well one of her pups now lives in his new home in Brooklyn, NY. This is my nephew Winslow.

He is very cute if I must say so myself. Hopefully some day I will get to meet him and play some terrier games.

Welcome to New York Winslow.

Luna Licks,

Auntie Luna

Friday, June 13, 2008

No Cheeseburgers for Me

Well imagine my surprise when Mom showed up in the middle of my mid-day nap. My Mom took me for a walk but I'm not used to doing my business at this time of day.

When we got back from my walk Mom put dinner crunchies in my bowl and off she went. Dinner at lunch time? What the heck is this?

Well it seems Mom and Dad went to a Jimmy Buffett concert at Madison Square Garden.

This is a totally silly human gathering where humans dress up in silly parrot hats, shark fins, grass skirts and sing songs about being in paradise.

What really peeves off is they serve something called cheeseburgers in paradise.

I love cheeseburgers, and I gotta stay home and settle for dog food!!! I'm going on strike, it's just not fair.

Well I'm used to going for a walk around 5 o'clock.

My Collie friend Sasha's Mom showed up to let me out and hangout and play with me.

It was okay but I'm not happy about getting cheated out of cheeseburgers. If I had seen any of those parrots I would have terrieriozed them just like the geese down at the local pond.

Well till next time...

Luna Licks,