Thursday, March 27, 2008

My New Cousin

If you remember my cousin Athena from a post last spring... "Cousin Athena's Visit". Well her parents Aunt Stacey and Uncle Nick are softies for a cute puppy face. They adopted a new puppy which means I have a new cousin to play puppy power games with. Meet my cousin Nikki...

She is 10 weeks old and already she's 14lbs. In 2 weeks she will out weigh me. From what I hear she is giving my cousin Athena quite the workout.

Welcome to the family Nikki...

Luna Licks,


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Saint Paddy's Day & Happy Birthday Melissa

Happy Saint Paddy's Day 2008
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Happy Saint Paddy's Day to all my Irish friends and a Happy Birthday to my human sister Melissa. Don't forget Melissa you and Chris are watching me next weekend. I hope your bed is nice and comfy. Hehehe....


I've Been Spammed!!!

Imagine my surprise when I was looking through my comments today to find one posted by Notebook. Hmm thats a strange name for a dog. I followed the link and eventually wound up on a website in Brazil hawking laptops. I wonder if they have a free 30 day trial period being that I'm in the market for a new laptop. This is what they might get back after I put it through it's paces...

Luna Licks,


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Beauty Sleep

After breakfast I decided to retire up to the dog cave, that is my room upstairs in the front of the house. In the early morning the sun streams in through the window and it feels great to get some rays. During the week after Mom and Dad have left for work that is where you will usually find me. I have my own futon.

Well this morning I was having visions of doggy treats...

Bully Sticks....

Carvel Ice Cream...


All the while I keep hearing this beeping sound.

Dad enough with the camera already. I'm trying to get some beauty sleep.

Back to dream land.