Monday, January 28, 2008

Superbowl, Big Woof

I was surfing the web today trying to decide what would be the perfect birthday cake for my 2nd birthday. Everyone is talking about Sunday and the Superbowl.

That is all you hear about. I am not happy that I have to share my birthday lime light with some stupid game where humans pile on top of the human with something called the pig skin. Poor pig, I hate to see what became of Porky.

Well I found a couple of possibilities...

This isn't bad but I kept searching.

This is kind of nice, simple but very yummy looking.

Definitely no cats allowed at my birthday.

This is kind of kool, although that grassy mat reminds me of my poop deck for the boat, so maybe not.

Now this is a cake any dog would be proud to have. I just have to get Mom to bake it for me. I will help with the preparation.

At least the Stupidbowl won't interfere with my favorite Animal Planet shows. I forgot Dad will be hogging up the big flat screen for that dumb Stupidbowl.

Till next time...


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold Saturday Afternoon (First Video)

Dad took me out for a long walk today and then he let me play out in the backyard.

This is my first attempt at reality TV. Lights, camera, action.

This is my Fido Fleece. My parents insist that I wear a coat when it's cold, especially since I got plucked last month.

As you know I'm not a big fan of sweaters and coats, makes me itchie.

Nothing like a good stickie to chew on.

You notice I have a leash on; well I don't exactly come when called.

After Dad brought me in the house I took a nice long nap in my burrow ball.

Bye for now...


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scene of The Crime

I have been away so long I don't know whether I should wish everyone a Happy New Year or wish you a Happy Valentines day. Which one is closer?

Winter is so boring. I don't know what came over me the other day but I destroyed one of my Christmas presents that Santa Paws brought me. I ripped off the reindeers little antlers, his hat and totally de-stuffed him. Lets just say I've had a lot of fiber in my diet.

When Dad discovered the carnage he came over and questioned me. "What reindeer"? "Dad that is just awful". "Who could have done such a terrible thing"? "Hmmm" he said.

Dads new favorite show is that dog whisperer guy with the roller skates. Pffff... yea Dad you go right on believing your the pack leader. The only one training people here is me and I don't whisper. Talk to you soon.