Monday, December 14, 2009

Luna's Visit With Santa Paws

Hello to all my furry kid friends, yes it is I. Sorry I have neglected my blog but things here at the Scruffy Yacht Dogs house have been very busy so Mom and Dad haven't had a lot of free time to help me edit and post all my pictures.

Well it wasn't too busy on Sunday. Dad took me up to Fetch, my favorite pet store in Port Jefferson to visit Santa Paws. I think it was because Mom made him feel guilty, he kept grumbling something about missing the football game.

Well I was enjoying my late morning nap on the sofa when I was rudely scooped up and had to endure 45 minutes of brushing, combing, and more brushing.

When we got to Fetch I wasn't really interested in sitting in Santa Paws lap. I wanted to sniff and explore all the neat doggie stuff. Dad scooped me up and put me on Santa's lap because Santa was on a tight schedule.

I gave Santa Paws my list which was very long so I'm only going to touch on some of it.

Dear Santa,
  • Could you arrange for nice homes for all the less fortunate furrykids, with lots of treats and love?
  • Could you deliver yummy Bullysticks to all the furrykid angels in heaven?
  • Could you pickup Moms grooming table a.k.a the torture chamber and drop it in the Northpole, Southpole, anywhere but here?
  • Thank you for finding Dad a job fixing computers, although I think he should've accepted your offer for that open elf position in your work shop.
  • Continued health and prosperity to my friends and family.
  • Photoshop lessons for me so I can post my own pictures.

After giving Santa my list I checked out the rest of the store for Christmas bargains, sniffed a couple of butts, sniffed some noses and home we went. Dad bought me a big N-Bone which is one of my favorites since I was such a good girl. Hopefully my next post won't take so long.

Luna Licks...