Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Doggie Parade

Today Mom and Dad took me into town to walk in the doggie parade.

Mom was holding me up, I heard there were treats at the end of this parade. There were lots of other dogs there. There was all kinds of but sniffing, some dog licking, and a couple of growling & snapping incidents by the anti-social types.

You can see how well my anti-pull harness works. Dad kept asking Mom who's walking who?

I had to stop and checkout a new friend.

Common Mom lets pickup the pace, they said there were treaties at the end of this thing!!!

I gave little Sir Lancelot quite a ride, the little guy almost fell off.

They had treats for us when we got back. Dad got the last one that was left for me. I made another friend at the end of the parade, she was a fairy princess.

Well thats it for now, gotta run.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

I've Been Paroled

I've been let off with time for good behavior. Tonight was pizza night. I like pizza, I was able to mooch some off of the parole board (Mom), yum meatballs with garlic. Whew.... you should smell my breath.

Here I am playing with my Moo Cow. I have another one that I unstuffed that I call Cow Hide.

After dinner I cuddled up with Mom and a bone and watched some TV.

They cannot resist my wirey ways.

Love to all,


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well this morning started out like any other typical weekday morning. Mom gave me my breakfast and Dad took me for my morning walk. While Dad was walking me I somehow managed to slip out of my harness. You can imagine my surprise when I saw Dad holding both ends of the leash. I was FREEEEEEE.

Dad told me to sit and stay which I did right up until he was 6 inches from me then it was time to play catch me if you can. Dad yelled at me but I just thought it was the funniest thing. The more I refused to listen and run away the angrier Dad became. I ran around the corner onto the next block. I would let Dad come over while I taunted him with my butt up in the air and my wagging tail and then I would run away. When Dad finally caught me he snapped the leash on me and hauled me off to home.

Dad was now late for work which made matters worse. He deposited me home and off to work he went. I didn't even get my usual good girl treaty before he left, hmmf.

I don't feel I got my due process. No jury of my peers, no lawyer, just a sentence handed down... GUILTY.

I should call my human sister Melissa, she's a lawyer, although she's watched me so she might side with Dad. I will have to wait till the parole board (Mom) comes home to spring me. Wish me luck.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Please Contain Your Laughter

I should have known Mom was up to something when she came home from the stores and was trying to lure me over with treaties while holding one hand behind her back.

No I'm not trying out for a part in a broadway show, this is my Halloween costume. What happened to the Underdog costume I picked out???

Do I look like a horse? Although I feel like the back of one. As you can see my weakness for treats is my downfall.

Mom keeps asking me how old is Daddy. What am I supposed to do wag my tail for each year? This is just not right. I have to wear this and give away perfectly good treats to human pups that come knock on our door.

I tried running around the house to get little Sir Lancelot off my back and all he does is bob back and forth waving his sword. Mom and Dad were laughing so hard they were crying.

I don't even like hay.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not So Typical Saturday Morning

Well this morning started out pretty normal. Mom got up early and went to work. I snoozed until Dad got up and had breakfast.

While Dad was having breakfast I decided to entertain myself with my monkey toy.

Here I am working on my bitey face technique.

After Dad was finished with breakfast he came over and played with me for a couple of minutes. He must have found a flee because the next thing I know is I'm getting soaped up in the tub. R-R-R-R-R I hate bath's.

After Dad was finished he dried me off the best he could. I finished the job by drying myself off.

The dining room rug...

The kitchen rug...

The living room rug...

Lets not forget the sofa...

The living room rug again...