Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Wishes 2008

Hello All,

I have been pretty busy getting ready for the holidays. I would like to thank all my friends for the beautiful Christmas cards you sent me.

I did not get my December striping so I might be confused for a sheep. Well today I got furminated, brushed, combed, trimmed, furminated, and brushed again to make me look presentable for the holidays. I gave Dad a very hard time and I voiced my terrier displeasure as well.

After I was done getting tortured I got to admire the pretty decorations Mom put on the tree.

As I sit here waiting for Santa and his 8 little reindeer the thermometer is reading 60 degrees and the rain is washing away whats left of the snow we got last week. I can see the grass again.

Is this for me?

I smell dog treats, I know there in here somewhere...

I wonder who these stuffies can be for? I don't know if I can wait till the morning.

Well it's getting late and I can barely keep my eyes open. I left some warm milk for Santa and some treatys for the reindeer.

I want to wish all my friends and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. I hope all my friends get lots of stuffies, treatys, chew bones, and lets not forget back scratchs and belly rubs.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah,


Friday, December 5, 2008

Sunday Grooming

Sunday afternoon I was minding my own business when I heard Dad call my name from the kitchen. I figured I was going to get something to eat.

When I went in to the kitchen imagine my horror when I saw these evil instruments.

Later Dad I'm outta here...

The chase was on but Dad is too slow.

Back through the kitchen we went, he he he, Dad will never catch me.

Around the dining room table we went... You need a scooter Dad?

Back through the kitchen... You keeping up Dad? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This is fun!!!

You still with me Dad? HE HE HE.

Around the coffee table for another lap.

Oh crap, dead end.

Dad cheated!!! That's not fair!!! There's no gates in chase!!!

Well Dad got a pound full in the end.

R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R I hate getting brushed and combed.

Till next time.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recent Pictures Of Brother Seamus

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and had nice full bellies at the end of the day. I received some updated pictures from my little brother Seamus. Well he ain't so little anymore, he weighs 20.8lbs. His Mommy calls him Seamoose. Turns out that my little brother and his sister Shannon are yacht doggy's to.

Here he is in his stylish Sou' Wester. He is ready for nasty weather.

It seems my little brother is quite the Olympian swimmer. Here he is showing off his form.

This is Seamus with his new skunk toy. As you can see good looks run in our family.

Seamus on the right is letting his older sister Shannon know that the skunk is his toy. Apparently she tricks him into giving it up with another toy and then she takes the skunk. She sounds like a smart wire.

Till next time.

With wagging tail.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

I want to wish all my friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving. I will be workin my best begging face. Please keep your paws crossed for me that I get a yummy drum stick.

Happy Thanksgiving 2008
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Luna Licks,

The Long Island Luna-tic

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Sea Monster

Here is another one of my summer adventures.

I was soundfully sleeping on our sailboat one day when I was awoken by strange noises under the boat.

I had to go investigate...

There were bubbles all around the boat...

Then it appeared.

What was under our boat?

Was it the Loch Ness Monster?

Our was it the Creature From The Black Lagoon?

There it is again.

What is that?

It's a Sea Monster!

I barked at it to scare it away.

I barked some more but it would not go away! It swam around taunting me.

I decided to jump in and capture the Sea Monster. So I donned my life jacket and in I went.

I just need to get my lead around it and it's mine.

This Sea Monster is a slippery one.

Gottcha you!!!

I pulled him back to the boat and did he put up a good fight.

Well I hauled his soggy butt up onto the dink and to my surprise it was not a Sea Monster... It was my Uncle Ted.

Did I feel silly. Here I had visions of being famous for capturing a real live Sea Monster. I could've been on Animal Planet, Leno, Letterman.

Of course I had to give my Uncle Ted a big smoochie.

I love my Uncle Ted. He calls me "Puppy Power", turns me into a lunatic.

"The End"

Luna Licks,


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Week With Val

Mom and Dad went away for the week and they had someone stay with me to keep me company. Her name is Val. I found out very early on that she gets up reeeaallly early in the morning. Once I stretched a few times I was ready to rock and roll and go for a walk, but not without begging for a treat or two, of course!! (You know you always have to break the newbies in when it comes to important things like treats, playing tag around the dining room table, etc. – but Val was a quick learner!!)

I made sure I took Val to all the “hot spots” in the apartment complex on our walks. It was still dark in the morning when we walked so Val had to bring a flashlight with her to pick up after me - I could never seem to “go” under a streetlight!! I had breakfast and then Val was off to work!!

I was so happy to see her when she came home (show a little love; get a treat – works everytime!!). We went for a walk again – this time we went around the entire complex. I showed Val my skill at walking on the curb without falling off!!!

After dinner, we played with some of my toys, I chewed a bone, and then it was out again for one more walk, flashlight at hand!! I would go up on the bed with Val for a little while but I like my own space – I’m sure you can relate!! I went in the spare bedroom or downstairs for the rest of the night. It didn’t take long for that alarm clock to go off again, though!!

On Thursday night, I went on a sleep over!! I went to Bretton Woods in Coram where Val lives. She has a car seat just like Mom and Dad so I had a great time in the car (I had gone on short trips with her to the store, but this was a long ride!!). Well, I just loved her house!! I was up and down her stairs so many times I lost count!! She also had doggie toys there as well and I got my own special water dish too!!! I think she has doggie company a lot!! I helped Val do her laundry – I picked up the items she dropped on the stairs after they were dry, though I was in no rush to return them.

Val has a leather couch – red!! I must say, I looked so stylish on that and on the recliners. There were two recliners, but we shared instead!!

Val has a gated patio so I got to go out without my leash. I tried staring at the gate and saying “open sesame” but the gate would not open no matter how much I wanted to see what was on the other side!!

Well I ran up and down the stairs so many times I was pooped!!

(Laundry is ruff!!) Val brought in the doggie car seat for me to sleep in but I was content to stay on the bed with her. I could see out the window from the bed so I was on squirrel patrol in the morning!!

Val dropped me back off at home on Friday morning – she was off from work but had an outing so Stephanie came over in the afternoon to let me out. I like Stephanie – she has a dog named Winston and I like him too!!

Well, we are watching football Sunday afternoon – Val does not look too happy – I think her Cowboys are not doing too well!!

I guess I’ll have to sit on her to cheer her up!! At half-time we are going in the car again to get some dinner. I already had mine – you know I never miss a meal!! But I think Val ordered something that we have to go pick up.

Mom and Dad are coming home tomorrow night and I can’t wait!! I had fun with Val but I miss my folks!! I hope I get to see Val again though, hmmmmmm next vacation???

Luna Licks,

Looney Tunes

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Beach Party

Hello to all my friends,

It was a very busy summer so I did not get to update my blog as often as I would've liked to. With Fall in full effect I thought I would share some pictures from my first beach party to maybe warm you up for a couple of minutes at least.

Back in August we sailed to visit Jack and Laurie in Bayville which is a little beach side village on the North Shore of Long Island. Mommy of course dressed me up in the pawfect beach attire. Like my stylish summer hat?

It was a long journey but when we rounded green can #17 I knew we were almost there.

It was getting late so the next day we (Dad) rowed ashore in the inflatable boat.

After we got to shore I realized that I forgot to bring my bone. Dad row back and get me my bone.

There were lots of nice people and human pups to play with to.

Here is a picture of me taking a break on Dad's lap.

I found an inflatable boat washed up on the beach.

I decided to claim it as salvage...

It's perfect, I wanted to take it home but Dad wouldn't let me.

We were all having such a good time that we didn't notice that Sailor Dance was dragging her anchor on the bottom and headed to Connecticut.

I nice man in a boat offered to take Dad and Jeff out to Sailor Dance to retrieve her.

Luckily they were able to reset her anchor.

After Dad got back from his mission I went for a swim in the Long Island Sound. It was cool and refreshing.

Mom finally ordered me out because I was shriveling up like a prune.

You had to see all the sand and pebbles in my wirey coat.

I will post more pictures from my summer adventures to maybe take the chill out of your bones.

Update: Mom and Dad are back from Mexico, where my human sister Melissa got married. Sailor Dance is in the boat yard around the corner from our house for her winters nap. Mom takes me for walks past the boat yard to see her. I think she would be happier in the water than perched up on jack stands.

Luna Licks for now...