Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wind Blown

Last Sunday Mom and Dad took me for a ride in Moms Jeep Wrangler. Can't you tell by the seat covers. Mom has this thing for convertibles. I would much prefer to be on the sailboat with the sea breeze blowing through my scruffy coat.

Notice I'm getting an education in aerodynamics. I feel like the human on the weather channel who stands outside during a hurricane. Heres a tip, keep your mouth closed unless you want bugs in your teeth.

We finally got to our destination, Chez Blaskopf also known as Donna and Teds. Ted and Dad exchanged the secret handshake. Humans are so strange. I got to meet a new friend "Lady". She is an old girl but she can run.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Trip to Massachusetts

Dad and I went to visit Yaya (Grandma) this weekend up in Massachusetts. We drove out to Orient Point, NY where we got on a big ferry boat, the M/V John H. The ferry is much bigger than my sailboat. It sure was nice to be on the water again. There were a lot of dogs on the ferry. When we got to New London, CT we drove to Dudley, MA, but not before christening the state of Connecticut.

We spent the weekend with my Yayas. I checked out her condo and checked out all the sofa's to see if they were comfortable. Dad scolded me and told me to get down, I was just checking out the new diggs. I got to meet my human cousins Peter, Christine, and Charlie. Of course they thought I was cute.

Yaya doesn't have a yard so whenever I would ring my poochie bells Dad would take me for a walk, lots of walks till he caught wise. I just wanted to go exploring the neighborhood. I got to meet 2 dogs, a Jack Russel and a Boston Terrier who came running over to check me out.

When we took the ferry home there were even more dogs on the ferry. I have never met another Wire Fox Terrier but I got to meet two miniature Smooth Fox Terrier pups. They kept yapping at me at first and then they settled down.

As we approached Long Island there were lots of sailboats sailing with their sails full of wind. All that wind and so many sails.