Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wirestock Part 1

Sunday morning Mom and Dad woke me up for Wirestock before the sun came up. Actually Mom woke Dad and I up. There was lots of bag packing going on and then we climbed into the Jeep and off we went. When we finally got to Bear Mountain we walked around but did not see anyone from Team Wire.

For those of you just tuning in we are participating in a dog walk for the American Cancer Society.

Out of no where we found Asta. She was very excited to see me. She sniffed me from my fuzzy head to my fuzzy butt.

Whats this? Another Wire, it was Jeeves with his Mom Amy in tow. Jeeves is very cute.

Two more Foxies showed up. It's an invasion! It was Ozzy and Romeo. Their Mom came up with the idea for Team Wire. They look very GQ in their Wirestock tee-shirts.

Ozzy and Romeo came over to say hello. Ozzy whispered something in my ear and there is a great picture of me on Ozzys blog giving him a scolding.

Ozzy and Romeo's Mom Jen brought us presents. Inside were yummy homemade cookies.

Here is Asta showing off her most pawfect behavior to get a treat from her Mom. Smitty prefers to do the dancing bear routine for treats.

Here I am showing off my pawfect behavior for getting treats. We are just a couple of wirey angels. If there were any muddy paw prints on the humans pants it wasn't from us.

It was time to line up for a group shot before the walk.

It went something like this...

Some Human with a camera: Okay look at the camera and say CHEESE!!!

Romeo: Cheese??? What cheese???

Asta: Did someone say cheese?

Ozzy: There's no cheese here.

Jeeves: Hey get off me and go find your own cheese.

Smitty: I can't find no stinking cheese.

Me: I think we've been had.

Well so much for the group shot.

It's getting late so I'm going to stop here for now.

To be continued....


Seamus & Shannon said...

Wirestock looked like so much fun! Shannon & I would love to meet more friends. That would be more fun than ripping up our lammy doodle which is what we are doing now!!


Brother Seamus

Sparky said...

Did someone just say CHEESE?! Where, where is it?!


Romeo said...

It's true I'm still looking for that cheese that was mentioned at the walk. I think we were had. Mean mean parents.


Dewey Dewster said...

Luna...gee I can see ya had a great time at yer walkie....we would have loved to be there with ya all.....wiry foxies everywhere..what a you'll remember this for years ta come......

Dewey Dewster in the country.....

Jackson said...

Hey Luna, I wish I could have been there too! Looks like you had a pawsome day. J x

Eric said...

WOW! All the wonderful wires together! What a pawfect sight. And so well behaved.Congratulations on completing the walk and raising loads of money for a great cause. Wish I could of been there, I was barking for you all day.

Wagging at you, Eric x x

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My Mom has that picture of all you guys on the rock as her screen saver now.

And my Dad says, see they are all on leashes all the time! They must all be knuckleheads just like Buster!

Bussie Kissies

Agatha and Archie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we wish we had been there with you!!! what fun!!! Tell your Dad we wouldn't know the word "No leash"!!! Love A+A PS PL2 wore her shirt that day!!

Asta said...

Whewe awe you???awe you out on youw boat???
I loved meeting got some gweat photos thewe..I like ouw descwiption of the gwoup shot, hehehe..we weew jipped
smoochie kisses,ASTA

Asta said...

Hi Luna
Excessive cwubmbs huh????
I'm too gweedy to leave cwumbs...
I hope you an youw pawents awe having a tewwific weekend..Mommi says My tewwiew kisses helped auntie Kawen lots
smoochie kisses