Tuesday, August 11, 2009

9 Day Cruise Part 1

Hello to all my furry kid friends. Well Dad stopped hogging the computer so I could update my blog. Sailor Dance went in the water the Thursday before the 4th of July. We sailed to Bayville, NY or as the locals call it "Baville By The Sea". From Bayville we sailed to Branford, CT.

Donna, aka "Top Shelf" and me enjoying the breeze.

When we got to Branford the humans decided to walk into Branford. It was a mile and half walk from the boat.

Here we are walking through town, notice I'm in the lead. Mom and Donna had to stop in all the shops. I was bored, so were Dad and Ted.

Finally a store that allowed pups.

Sniffing for bargains.

After some shopping we (Mom) found a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop, Mom's favorite.

Ted aka SAM "Secret Agent Man" and I waiting for ice cream.

Resistance is futile.

Notice I get my own cup. Mom is the weak parent.

After we finished in town it was time to head back to the boat. By now I was ready for a nap. Here is a good place.

Oh crap more walking.

Okay it's rest time and this is a fine place.

At this point I think even Donna agreed with me, here we are outside the Marine store.

Till the next...

Your pal Luna.

Luna Licks,