Monday, August 18, 2008

The Pawfect Storm

On the Afternoon of August 8th Mom, Dad, and I set sail from Mount Sinai, NY to Northport Harbor, NY. The marine radio was beeping and making all kinds of noises about violent storms and mariners should seek safe harbor. It was a beautiful sunny day even as we passed Port Jefferson. The Nexrad Radar was showing evil looking storms moving east over Connecticut and moving east over the south shore of Long Island, nowhere near us. We continued west transiting Smithtown Bay. We had some snacks and some yummy treats.

Mom kept checking the Radar and all was clear until we were about an hour from the mouth of Huntington Harbor. There was a big red ugly blob headed our way.

It was too late to turn tail and run; the race was on for the harbor entrance.

The sky was getting very scary looking.

Well lets just say the storm was faster than us. Over the next 15 minutes or so there was a lot of holy poop going on. In the blink of an eye the wind went from 15knts to 25knts all the way to 39knts. It felt like someone shoved Sailor Dance. The wind was making a howling sound water was flying everywhere. My fowl weather gear was below and I was getting drenched. Dad told Mom to grab the wheel while he wrestled with the sail which was making loud thrashing noises. Big waves were coming up over the front of the boat and dousing Dad. There were evil flashes of lightening. I was tethered with my leash, so I walked around Mom and the steering pedestal so she would be wrapped up and not fall overboard.

When things settled down Dad could take pictures again.

I was drenched from head to paw. I had to use the wind to dry off.

Mom did a fine job steering the boat.

Here is the Eatons Neck lighthouse. There is a nice protected anchorage there. To bad we didn't make it.

Is anyone but me keeping a lookout?

Umm you might want to checkout this evil storm headed our way.

All ahead full Mom. It's getting closer.

We finally did out run the storm and found our mooring. There was a glorious rainbow to greet us when we finally got tied off.

The sunset was beautiful as well.

The next day we went into Northport Village to take in the sites. But not before getting a good nights sleep.

Luna Licks.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Scruffy Yacht Dog Sails Again

I know I haven’t updated my blog in over a month. July has been a very busy month. The marina finally put our sailboat in the water July 4th weekend. We packed Daddy’s truck for the trip out to Mattituck to get the boat ready for our Journey to Mount Sinai. I hope there are some treaties in there for me.

Imagine our surprise when we saw our boat. What is wrong with this picture? Where is the mast?

I went on board to check things out and look for any bones I may have left behind from 2006.

Nothing down here.

We unloaded all our stuff and washed the boat. Aunt Donna is in charge of washing the cushions.

After the mast was put in the boat there were extra parts left over, Mommy and Daddy were not pleased.

The next day the guys from the marina and Daddy finished putting the extra parts back were they belonged. Mommy and Daddy spent the next day and half getting Sailor Dance ready for her maiden 2008 voyage.

With stuff everywhere I found a yummy bone to chew on so I wouldn’t be in the way.

When it was finally time to cast off, Daddy had a problem. Someone was occupying his captain’s seat.

Bye Mattituck.

I kept a sharp eye out for other boats.

All clear ahead Dad.

Bye Heron.

We passed by the Old Mill Restaurant which Asta should recognize from last summer. The nasty swans were nowhere to be seen.

Once we were clear of the Jetty it was time to plot our course.

After careful consideration I picked out the pawfect course, 280 degrees to Mount Sinai.

Hey Dad come to port a little the sails are luffing. Hmm smell that salty air.

I smell something good in the galley. I wonder what Mom is making for dinner?

This is a picture of our new harbor. This year Sailor Dance will be parked on a mooring in the middle of the harbor. A motor boat called a launch takes us to and from Sailor Dance.

Stay tuned for the rest of July…

Luna Licks