Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chubby WFT

Hello everyone, I know I haven't posted in a few weeks. Yes the Mets lost their home opener.

Well this morning Dad stepped on the bathroom scale and recorded the number presented.

I was not made aware of this information, it's apparently confidential health information. Dad then scooped me up and stepped on the scale again. I was not given this number either... You guessed it, confidential health information. Then Dad did some arithmetic, the result??? Luna's gross weight = 23.8lbs. It's gross alright. I think if I got plucked I'd be an even 23. Mom says no more table scraps (GRRRRRR) for this Wide Fox Terrier, and plenty of exercise.

Next Sunday I will be joining Team Wire at Bear Mountain State Park for the American Cancer Society walk. Mom ordered me a medium tee shirt for the event. I think the M stands for miniature, not medium.

I had to suck it in so Dad could put this on me.

Click here for Wirestock products. The money goes to a good cause to fight cancer.

This will be the first time since I left my siblings when I was a pup that I will come beard-to-beard with another Wire Fox Terrier. Ozzy, Romeo, Asta Urbanista, and Smitty will be there. I can't wait, maybe I can run around with my furry friends and burn off some of these love handles.

On a side note, Thursday the 24th was my 1 year blog anniversary. Thank you to all my readers for visiting my blog.

Luna Licks,


Monday, April 7, 2008

NY Mets Home Opener 2008

Tuesday is the NY Mets home opener. I am so excited. Mom and Dad will be at work and I will have the 37" HDTV all to myself. I'm going to have my scruffy butt parked on the sofa rooting for the hometeam. This will be the Mets final home opener at Shea Stadium. Next year they will move into brand new Citi Field.

Lets Go Mets!!!